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Open to students interested in pursuing a career in the automotive trades field who are currently enrolled in a high school or college automotive program.

To learn more, download the program's outline, or call the Program Administrator, Mark Magionos, at 503-789-1965.

Download the Scholorship

Young woman using diagnostic equipment on the engine of a car

The number of monetary value scholarships are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and the Executive Board. The Scholarship Committee and Executive Board select the recipients for each scholarship. 

The Scholarship is renewable; however, the student must apply each year as applicable. 



As stated in the Program, the scholarship recipient allows the Pharaohs to use their name and image when promoting the program.


Send the Appropriate Documents

The student must ensure they include the required attachments in their entirety when submitting the application.


Complete and Submit the Application

The student must complete the entire application, including the required attachments, and submit the application by the deadline.

Blue Skies

Get in Touch

Contact: Mark Magionos, Vice President

Phone #: (503) 789-1965

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